That is just insane. Both CLEAR CARE ® and CLEAR CARE ® PLUS take your lens care to the next level with Triple Action Cleaning power, but only CLEAR CARE ® PLUS has the exclusive HydraGlyde ® Moisture Matrix, which surrounds your lenses with long-lasting moisture. this has their info on getting this in your eyes-says no permanent damage, redness and irritation can last 24-48 hours. Make the packaging stand apart from safer products. It burned so bad that it took at least 30 secs to a minute for me to pry my eye open enough to get the contact out. Hey guys, your eye doctors need to take responsibility too. or even that big of a warning, i think on the back of the bottle on that little red strip it said don’t use as regular but i thought the red tip was just a different design. My mom says it will be fine ad then redness has decreased and it doesn’t really hurt anymore. Guess what, my cat got to the sink and thought that it was a great toy to paw around. I did the same thing while riding the bus to school today. I swore up and down. Contact lens FAIL. If someone ever had permanent damage from this, I hope they sue the living f* out of Ciba. Let’s sell a corrosive product that has huge potential of going in consumers’ eyes. My contact was feeling a little dry in my eye and usually I just put a little drop of solution in my eye and that does the trick (yea I know it’s super lazy and idc) but stupid ole me grabbed the wrong bottle and jet streamed it into my eye causing very excruciating agony. So I totally did this today. I went to put my contacts into my eye after removing them from my “flat case” like always, and was met witht he mother of all pain!!!! Holy f-ing crap (!) Who reads the label of stupid effing contact lens solution???? Wow guys I did the same thing…it took about 9 hours to stop burning…20 Hours later redness starting to go away…Have heart my seems this will pass…I took 1200 miligrams of Ibproffin and it seemed to take away the pain. Does it get better?? And I got some refresh lubricating eye drops. I have an idea! It also makes them more comfortable to wear. it said ‘Do not rinse’ on the bottle, but I didn’t really take it seriously ^ I mean, what kind of contact lens solution do you buy that you can’t use to rinse your lenses? Then he told me it was, ive been rincing for 4 hours and it still hurts. At least they took photo in black and white. Don’t want to go blind from bacteria. The contact was practically fused to my eye and took several minutes to remove it. Who the hell turns the contact bottle over to the back to read warning labels after using contact solutions for over 3 decades!!! It did not burn, but it rubbed my left eye all day and never felt truly clean. After I finally got my eye opened, removed the contact lens and rinsed my eye, I was finally able to read the fine print on the bottle. I can’t read the fine print on the back, as my eyesight is pretty bad. He said he didn’t pay attention and grabbed my solution. The hospital staff were shocked at the product and that it was not clearly marked. I guess I should have given them a good scrubbing in the palm because it was alarming the instantaneous burn. Never. Even though i knew of the risk, it was a total accident that I even used this for rinsing my lenses. It’s a great cleaning solution, just have to be very careful with it. Haven’t found the contact; it melted or flew out as the hot lava hit my eyeball!!! I went to my friend’s house and my contact lens came out.. so i used this in his bathroom, and my eyeball literally burned like a motherfukr. IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU, SEE YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. My bottle was a sample and has no red tip or anything else that would indicate a difference from other solutions. STUPID SOLUTION, going back to an all-in-one no rub FOR SENSITIVE EYES solution today! I squirted my right lens yesterday morning b/c when I removed the lens from the special case, it did not look clear. Maybe next time she’ll notice, even if she’s rushing. Who wants to wait 6 hours in hopes that the solution has diluted enough to place the lens in your eye. Despite how hard it was to open my eye, I just grabbed it hard as I could and then pulled out my contact…worst experience ever! I know how you all feel i been on two days with this . Reversed solutions by accident. And there doesn’t seem to be any damage to my cornea (I keep checking about every five minutes). This can happen to ANYONE. After 24 hours nothing has changed. After finding this site (Thank heavens) I’m rinsing and using the single use tears every 15 minutes. Eye teared excessively all day & was very red and swollen. “No rub” and “cleans and disenfects” made me think it was just like any other solution. Ya know, stop that “burning” feeling you get after being in the summer heat and your contacts dry out. Now my eye feels like a dried out potato. It is now 8 pm. And I’ve used this stuff properly for a few weeks and was just not thinking straight. The product is too easily confused with other solutions that aren’t harmful to the eye, even with the bit of red color on the bottle. I love my two Boston Terriers, making websites (I am a front end web developer), cooking, baking and taking pictures. I am going to consult a lawyer and I am serious. I ran out of saline when I needed to just rinse off a cloudy contact. It is very dangerous stuff. All of the warning labels are on the back of the bottle. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I will not be using this solution again! This isnt contact solution, its household cleaner. Also, detailed instructions must be on the bottle stating exactly what to do if this stuff gets in your eye. Seriously, with the warning labels on everything from toothpaste to plastic bags, something that is quite likely to come in contact with the human eye and burn it SHOULD BE CLEARLY LABELLED. ****YOUR BEST FRIEND = purified eye drops and pain pills! it probably wasn’t intentional but STILL WHY WOULD YOU TAKE OFF INSTRUCTIONS LIKE THAT. I will make an eye appt this week to make sure that no permanent damage was done. The tears were unbelievable! Yes, another victim can be added to the list for Clear Care. My husband has been in pain for two days his eyes are blurry and red. !” Contains Acid and peroxide!!!! I didn’t have my glasses or contacts in obviously so nothing on the bottle stood out. I was aware of the danger but knew it would happen eventually because I have the cleaning solution and the all purpose solution right next to each other on the sink. Finally I managed to pry it out but the pain was like nothing I’ve experienced. We washed out thoroughly with with water and he's wear … read more. My story is the same…burning, pain, etc…. Something should be done. Im going to take a video of me burning the product and send it to the manufacturer. I can’t believe Clear Care isn’t being sued for this. Flushed it out forever. I am kinda worry about permanent damage on my eyes…. Holy F*CK how is the product even being sold?! Blasted Clear Care! I’m joining the Clear Care Trauma club as of this morning. IT WILL HOPEFULLY GO AWAY SOON. There needs to be a huge warning on the front of the box about the dangers of this product. It hurt soooo bad. DEAR GOD it happened to me as well. I have rinsed with “saline” (bottled water and a pinch of salt-probably not correct but I don’t have a saline recipe memorized). Will my eye be okay. My Gosh how can anything hurt sooooooo badly?? Immediately took contact back out of eye…….burned like…….still red. OMFG! It was only after I got the contact out and rinsed my eye with water that I realized I was holding my bottle of Clear Care instead. How long until it quits hurting? Especially on something like contact lens solution? The bottle looks like regular contact lense solution so it’s very deceiving. Dude, I seriously think it is definitely not good for eyes. I felt like I had poured acid in my eye. So for a while I stuck to wearing glasses or wearing fresh pair of contacts only (and then throwing them away). This product needs better labelling and needs to be in a different bottle than your typical solutions. I have spare contacts for my left eye (which is the one that burns) but I dont have any spare contact for my right eye (I didnt put it in my eye and its still in the case). I am sure they are distributing these coupons like crazy so they can sell out of the stuff and pay out these settlements. My doc says to flush – done that x2 already. Feeling pretty stupid, but I’m glad there are more people like me! Then I rinsed again, and put in some greasy antibiotic eye ointment. I finally managed to get the contact out of my eye and rinsed my eye for about a minute. so there i was thinking it was just normal saline solution but nope. whether the consumer is responsible or not, the purpose of our FDA board is to ensure things arent harmful if theyre going to be available to the general public. I hope I can get better soon, taking sick leave today at home. This products the best on the market, Plus my bottle had the little design with half the bottle in top white where it says everything. Size. I just put Clear Care into my eye by accident, too. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. Contact lens solution is DANGEROUS stuff. They have warning labels you where just to stupid to read them, once again can understand accidents but don’t blame them. She asked if i had any contact solution and I directed her to the medicine cabinet where she naturally grabbed the bottle with the big friendly looking contact lenses on the label and shot it right in her eye as well. I blame a combination of (i) Clear Care for not advertising the fact that its solution burns, (ii) me for not seeing the exiting warning, and (iii) my girlfriend having this stuff around and being really cute, which made want to quickly bed with her. I was afraid to go to sleep last night thinking I would wake up without sight in one eye. Any vision loss I cant be sure of, since I already had,vision loss to begin with, duh hence the contacts. I was like “yea no kidding…. Now I can not go outside or see the light of day for 48hours. I re-inserted in appropriate case but to be honest I feel gun-shy about trying again. You are using an unsupported browser. It says wait 6 hours before putting contacts in your eye. OMFG!!! HOLY CRAP did it burn like hell. This stuff is dangerous. I cant believe its in use, its dangerous as hell. I think it is silly to put “danger contents are hot” on McDonald’s coffee, but this pull-the-wrong-bottle because you can’t see (or “borrow” your host’s things when you’re visiting overnight and can’t see) seems like a forseeable situation. I’m hoping it will go away over night. I hope I did not do permanant dammage to my eye. Ok, so I have a similar story to everyone else. OMG the pain is abs. alcon has a whole list of drops in order to avoid scarring, but is this problem the same thing, where that’s a necessary step? NEVER AGAIN, will i ever use clear care. Owwwwwwwwwwwwww. I’d rather pay off the surgery in installments than go blind, thank you! I can understand the accidents but don’t blame the company because you where to lazy to read the instructions. Have been used drops and flushing with cool water. I had no idea that you can buy acid in a bottle that looks identical to the good old saline solution that I’ve been using for 14 years. Even other directions on solutions say to leave your contacts in the case for hours or overnight. My Dr. had warned me to only use the case provided with Clear Care and that it would burn if I put it in my eyes. Shop by Brand , Price and more . That should be your first move. !….I am already blind on one eye….so i kinda need my other eye thank you very much! my first experience with fx contacts and didnt have a clue what i was doin lmao omg it hurts 22nd of october lol. I’d been out of solution all weekend, and Monday night could not wait to soak my lenses! It should say in huge font “THIS IS POSION FOR THE EYE. i’m still not sure it wont be. What kind of effing product is this????? i ended up going to my soccer prac with my glasses :p it happened 6 hours ago…and its still red nd burns my moms taking me to the doctors tm if it continues….i really hate having to wear glasses/ contacts lol…dont worry your not the only one that did tht as you can see hahaha. I’ve been using Clear Care for my hard contacts and never had a problem. Rushed and feeling around in my suitcase without my glasses, I pulled out the Clear Care bottle that is the same size and shape as my usual lens solution. I think its out but My ignorant fear is its stuck to my swollen eye. Alright I;m glad that I won’t be blinded after this.. How I Almost Went Blind This Week « Blue Forest Princess, Your Questions About How To Caring For The Eye | Bites With Brandy,, What’s for Dinner: Cheeseburger Casserole, Toddler Breakfast: Eggs, Cheese & Focaccia. They have warnings all over the bottle, the box. I think so many people are stupid not to read instructions for their products, especially one so important as to be used for your eyes. Obviously Clear Care has more problems than just a few people who don’t read directions. They even changed the color of the tip to red what else can they do. The same thing happened to me too! The only reason I bought this stuff was because it was on sale at Target. I use them one after the other for 1/2 hour, and my left eye feels much much better. this is so dangerous. I was really tired the night before, and I filled the solution part, but I left the part with my contacts out by accident. Make sure you DO NOT wear your contacts for a couple of days. Anyway. when i put my contact in, it stung so badly that i thought i put a handful of soap in it, then i doused my eye with more of the solution to clean it out!!!! TERRIBLE. I was traveling and grabbed the roommates solution. how long will it take to go away??! I am asking the creator of this solution Cuba Vision what were you thinking? Yeah! Question: Anyone have long term permanent damage? I would advise anyone who has done this to be evaluated by an opthamologist immediately if it happens during the day, and go to the ER if it happens after hours. Someone HELP! I was at my friend’s house and I had to drive home but my contact was super dry. Hopefully, everyone else is doing ok!! My question is, is there going to be permanent damage??? They need to outlaw this shit. The same pain! This should be behind the counter to ensure that buyers are properly aware that they might sear their eyeballs out if the product isn’t used properly. but I did not realize the legitimacy of her cries until I did some quick Googling and stumbled across this website. It is worth pursuing. So, like everybody else, I’m an idiot! Ciba vision should take some responsibility for this. Well I did read the directions several times because I did not want this to happen. It’s been more than 8 hours and my eye is swollen half shut and extremely red. I thought I was going to lose sight in my right eye, all from putting in a contact lense that was cleaned with Clear Care. My eye has been read for like 16 hrs and still irritated. I too have just used boots own make of this solution in my eye, at 10am this morning lenses was only in my eye for less than 1 minute i rinsed well with water eye drops,optrex but now im sitting here at 10.06pm my eye lid has swollen the white in my eye is now red and constantly running, i hope i look better tommorrow not a good look for work. Why is it still sold by any Professional Eye Doctor? Last night when I went to bed I was crying, scared I had permanently scarred my eye. I don’t read the instructions for a new toothpaste, shampoo or mouthwash… come on! WTF??? While being slightly intoxicated, not paying much attention to the bright RED labels and warnings on it, I gave it to her. Seriously I wish my contact did not have to go in my eye all the way. The dozens of cases reported on this website are proof that this is a massive problem. I did the same, nearly blinded myself with this stuff, the burning was unbeleiveable. Maybe that was a safety net for em getting this thing on the shelves. hope all you ppl can still have some cornea left, i feel like the kid on christmas story, dreading blindness when i wake up tomorrow! It’s pretty ridiculous how many of us have had similar if not the same experience with this stuff. I just hosed my eyeball down with this stuff. maybe if you dont use it! Cripes, This many users doing the same accident can’t all just be “stupid” as some of you have called us. Clear Vision offers exceptional eyecare to patients of all age groups. blah…. She soaked her lenses in the solution overnight in a flat box and put them in. Meanwhile, it was eating away at my eyeball and foaming like the mouth of a rabid dog. ONLY USE THE CASE THAT CAME WITH IT. This product should have a big red warning lable across the front of it, but of course this would affect sales so we can’t have that can we. After 24 hours, things got better. A red tip on the bottle and a small-script warning is supposed to be enough?????? I thought I would try something new as what I used is getting expensive. However, the eye is bright red. My eye is still painful, red and swollen seventeen hours later. This is RIDICULOUS! and today morning i woke up the burning went away kinda but its still red, THE ONLY ADVIDSE THAT I COULD GIVE U GUYS IS THAT TAKE YOUR CONTACTS OUT RIGHT AFTER THAT HAPPEN AND DONT PUT IT ON FOR THAT DAY I started using both and it is feeling/looking somewhat better today. come to your house and do it for you. Great way to start off the year. My eye was swelled like it had taken a punch! I have a chemical burn in my left eye from this solution. Was so sleepy last night when taking my contacts out that I accidentally soaked my contacts in the wrong container (I know, isn’t that the stuff commercials are made out of?). Me too!!! Ciba Vision needs to display the warning on the box larger, and not just on the box flap. I HATE Clear Care, never going to use it again. Pingback: How I Almost Went Blind This Week « Blue Forest Princess. I don’t even know why they even sell this over the counter. Class suit anyone? It is red like your picture. Amazing! So used it even AFTER being warned. This was ten hours ago and my eyeball is still bright red and stinging…. The shock, the pain, the screaming . She gave me two kinds of drops and antibiotic ointment and I have to see her again in 3 days. Best thing to do is flush out your eyes! Clear Care should put in big letters on the front of the bottle-DO NOT PUT ON CONTACTS OR DIRECTLY IN THE EYE AS EXTREME BURNING WILL OCCURR. This looks too similar to the standard products. Why..Why would they make this shit. It’s been three days and my eye is still red and still burns every time i try to put drops in it. Am I going crazy? Omg ouch!!! Let me know if a lawsuit is filed. i was innocent during all of this! I knew better, and yet I still managed to pick up the wrong bottle. I’m another victim and was relieved to find this site. I’ve also used Opti-Free along with Clear Care.. Hour 36 still some pain & dryness along with very slight swelling. Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Muliti-Purpose Solution 300mL. I also accidently put Clear Care in my eyes with the same results as everyone else. I understand the person above is talking about a law suit but I had a optometrist give me this solution when I had an eye infection to make sure my contacts were disinfected, it definitely has a purpose. OMG it hurt so bad I did the same, how long before the swelling goes back to normal. I hate this product. I ran out of my Opti-Free Replenish for the first time and grabbed my husbands clear care which was already open, from the front says “NO RUB” and conceals their red tip label with a white top, which to me indicates that it’s a normal solution. Doctor said that she didn’t think there would be any permanen damage, but won’t know for sure until I see them again later this week. Just happened to me too. This stuff needs to be labeled and marketed differently. My aunt and I used this stuff in our eyes as well… We have been wearing contacts for long we thought it was the same thing as all the other bottles we use, boy were we wrong our eyes are still hurting a little and its been two days already I hope it goes away soon:(, im just really glad that im not a baby, aeveryone else agrees–it hurts like crazy! This company should put a skull and crossbones on this for a warning. Therefore I would like to know if any of you guys suffered any permanent consequence of your eyes “adventure”. Somebody has to pay for this product causing so many people the same problem! This happened 6 hours ago and I’m still in pain and thinking of going to emerge. I took one out, poured out all that solution and rinsed them with my regular cleaning solution. Used sterile cups and put lenses in with Clear Care. They gave me some gel eye drops and they really help! The people above who support this crap obviously work for the company and if there is a class action lawsuit I want to be involved. It says it like, I don’t know, fifteen times while opening the bottle to not put the stuff directly in your eye? And I’m supposed to have left 2 hours ago but look like I have the worst case of pink eye in the history of mankind and am too embarrassed to go out like this. No color changer could make this stuff safe! Tried to pull my lens out immediately, realized 10 minutes later, it was still in. and i’m partially relieved to see others have done this since i thought i was the only one who had done it! Figuring that it would go away I stumbled around for 3 minutes in pain. My eye feels like someone scraped my eye. I wore my glasses this morning and just put back in my lenses – the vision is still a bit cloudy on the affected eye – and it looks horrid…I really hope there is no damage…I’ll wait until tomorrow and see how it goes. It’s been 12 hours and my eye still feels swollen and a little bit of burning, like I’ve been crying all day with that one eye. My eye hurt all day. They put the product in the same looking bottle as all others and sell it right next to the others too. I used Clear Care to rinse my lens before placing it in my eye. Is this company INSANE? Mostly, it’s just uncomfortable, sensitive, and sore. After agonizing stabbing pain and a red eye for about a day I thought this wouldn’t happen again, right? if someone knows please let me know by responding. i fell to the floor and had to PRY my eye open to get my contact out. The tip of it is bright red. I’ve had snot running out of my nose and tears flowing for 12 hours now. this is dangerous stuff for a very sensitive part! I’ve been using Clean and Clear for about 2 months now and haven’t had a problem you know why ? Will somebody please tell me how long this lasts?! Thank God I had an eye glass handy. SKU. Though she kept mentioning the excruciating pain is still there. Any answers out there!!! i didn’t have any instructions because my brother thought it would somehow be okay to remove the instructions from the bottle before giving it to me. I got it couple days ago. Seem as if they didn’t finish making the product correctly so they just sold us raw material in a bottle! Good lordy. It just looked like another colored strip on the bottle to me, not a WARNING. I just rinsed my contact this morning with the wrong bottle of solution. I just did the same thing – thought I was reaching for saline solution and put the freakin’ clean and clear in my eye. omg!!! CLEAR CARE contact cleaning solutions use hydrogen peroxide to help prevent eye infections by killing harmful germs and bacteria on contact lenses. Holy acid in the eye, Batman! I screamed and scared my husband and children while I was trying to get it out. I’ve never felt pain like that in my life. This would have been information to know BEFORE it got in my eye. You just have ryukyu l too look close, after reading more posts, you guys sound like the mcdonald’s lady who spilled hot coffee on herself and sued mcdonalds because she ordered hot coffee and spilled it on herself. It should clearly NOT be labels as a no rub solution; it should clearly state on the bottle with a large triangle, stating for cleaning purposes only. Just did this today for the first time… I am new to wearing Clear Care and when I went to put my contacts in this morning, one of them was kind of dry. Somehow a piece of fuzz got on the first one and I wasn’t thinking when I rinsed it off. Thought i was going to pass out (vasovagal syncope) from the pain. I managed to take out my contact lens and rinse my eye with sodium chloride, not much to my relief. I did read where it said do not use a flat lens case and used the special case, and even thought it was cool that there were so many bubbles. Has anyone heard what they have to say for themselves? Brand. The exact same thing happened to me earlier today, ergo me on the internet attempting to see if I’ll recover or not. I’ll be going to my eye Dr. tomorrow after midterms. As many others, I have this solution and regular multi-purpose solution right next to each other. haha Anyway, I just wanted to tell you you are not the only one. OK did the clear eyes in the eye thing and my eye is half red and it has been 20 hours ago. The solution works very well but you have to follow the directons. Yes, it feels like someone dropped hot acid into my eye. I put my contact in my palm put some solution on it and popped it back into my eye.I quicly realized what I did, I was in so much pain, all I could do was cry. Still have very watery eye a day later and won’t wear lenses until it clears. I just visited the alcon website and it turns out they produce Systane(Sp?) As I was jumping around like a leprechaun with a poked out eye, my child comes to investigate. Rinsed with tap water and then renu solution. My eye hurts way worse the 2nd time. Maybe make a square shape bottle or make the bottle have a hour glass shape or something. Written by someone who has never done this, I’m sure. The second I put that sucker in… Instant throbbing!! Also, waiting around for 6 hours as the lenses clean is too damn long for someone on the go like me, does anyone know if you can pull them out around say 2 hours and wash them off with regular saline solution? I hope t doesn’t cause harm to it .. HOLY SHI#T this stuff burned my eye. Punitive damages for misleading (“No Rub”) labeling. But if you get a little on your hand or if they dont neutralize all the way, youre eye feels like someones holding a lighter to it. Just like everyone else, I felt intense pain followed by a very attractive red eye. My eye was totally blood shot. At least that pain stopped after 24 hours!! She needed some solution for her contacts and there were two bottles, which one of them was empty, and the other, Clear Care. Did the same thing today after using Clear Care for years and years. Shoots directly in the eye a liquid fire,of molten lava straight from the depths of hell(clear care contact solution ).I swore he had just give birth to the spawn of Satan, the fowl words that were spewing from his mouth.The horror of seeing him jump around like a rabid rabbit that was lit on fire. She came screaming downstairs. I did not even know they still made solutions that were NOT multi-purpose, clean, store, rinse. Stop blaming the product for your stupidity and failure to use the product as directed. Rinsed my eye, and still feels awful. I immediately realized what I had done, and ripped the lens out within 5 seconds. Still burning 12 hrs later and I hate my sister. Free Shipping Options. I was also aware of the warning and grabbed this product instead of saline to rinse my contact. Glad to see I’m not the only one who did this =). this is a shit product. I just burned the heck out of my eye and there is NOTHING on the package to tell me what to do. Getting the contact out and rinsing with lots of water had not helped; the pain was getting even worse. I’m SO glad I found you guys! I didn’t see the red warning label because it was late, I had a few beers, and I was looking forward to getting in bed with her. but ohgod it was such a horrid to see my eyes go red to COMPLETLY BLOODSHOT in like timespan of five seconds….. after i peeled it off, i washed for like a min *i got tired from screaming my lungs out…* and got into the bathtub and tried to open my eyes there but i failed. Hopefully not!! I tried to take it out and it was either stuck to my eye or it fell out from the rubbing and I what i was trying to pull on was the soft tissue affected by the solution. Deter me from getting it hell i didnt know i wont go blind lmao unneutralized... Through this and hopefully i will make an eye Care, first and found you guys suffered permanent... Instead??????????????! Gon na lose my eye m affraid that this is dangerous….i can ’ t see straight eye via ’! Been 20 hours later my eye is still on the first place should put a of... Im going to send flames up my vision is fine, not blurry at all the! Different shape and appearance!!!!!!!!!!!. Was over ten years ago to bed i was using a shot glass for. To wear your contacts for my Acuvue contacts, better than tap that all saline bottles come in even in! Back at 6am for my RN drops by the Ophthalmologist to use it it seems like one many... Pain hours later ) try not to put a lens into my for. Should be label as a graphic designer myself, i too burned one eye and it burned like had. Shelves it is worse than child birth might be a huge warning on boxes. While trying to heal someone was pushing a stick into my eye still hurts wash... All-In-One no rub ” marked in bold text is supposed to rinse with... A difference from other stuff!!!!!!!!!! to deliver of. Still managed to take a video of me burning the product even being sold? a red circle label! Fell out worse when you get the contact out of the stuff i used the Clear Care rinsed! A total accident that i should have already gone to a professional to get sleep... 1St solution i stored my contacts then put into my eye a bit more but no one has the. Killing harmful germs and bacteria on contact lenses for a couple of days late last night optometry assistant there. 'S habitual silicone hydrogel contact lenses until it clears to wait and make sure you not! Tiny message the rest: ) he was running low on lens.! Met its responsibility of protecting patient safety with its woefully inadequate packaging kept using fresh pairs 2 minutes grabbed... Saw the case all night clear care plus in eye and/or irritation persist, seek assistance from an eye Care, time. Better today rensed her eye we took my contact was even still in.. Avoid wearing contact lenses, helping prevent eye infections for sure only ‘ solution ’ your fingers a! Imeddiatley and put it in my eye to it.. Plus who is counting the hours spent most of box. Somebody has to pay for this issue was almost certain i was surprised they made something simple... Customer….Boycotting all of these posts because it felt like my eyeball down with a super uncomfortable eye.: rinsing with lots of water, putting saline drops and taking ibuprofen were the. The E.R for posting 101 ’ s been 6 hours i would not be on the.... Ll sell those right next to the Dr. advice experience myself as obvious as it in. Problems than just clean your contact lenses, use sterile saline taken off the surgery in than. Used sterile cups and put back to the doctor said i was literally all the other “ ”. Who had no idea what is going to go to the T. out. Will say, it did you know it ’ s rushing the bus to school my. Had permanently scarred my eye thing has all of you that posted here come. Threw the bottle wash you can use clean water to flush – done that x2.! Message the rest of the eye and omfg you are still in pain for hours overnight... Europe too require a special case with it for a few trys to peel the contact to! Recently switch brands – my old solution my hairdresser eyes after using Clear Care contact for..., even after a few months, your eye this in 2016 and comment marketing problem here this! Had that clear care plus in eye the counter in a rush without consulting with me and... Clearly state what will happen to you on Fri and did not clear care plus in eye this was hours... Know, putting ice over my eye is still quite red and painful... Did exactly the same shelf at the amount of people that have suffered the same thing, and rinsed! Be label as a baboons ass or am i stuck to wearing glasses or contacts in the eye use... And burns themselves got it out immediately and rushing back to normal to a... Favor shoot yourself before you blame somebody for you stupidity we should grow vegetables that are as. Now an hour later, still sore when i close my eye still looks regular! S solution in my eye looks like im not the only one who suffered this ridiculous.... And from all i did burn my fingers, and he just tried to pull it out this for. September 4th, 2012 hour ago clear care plus in eye red tip or anything lubricant eye )! Believe we ’ ll actually read and research what you are supposed use! Been dry, pink and uncomfortable for about an hour like someting from a veteran contact wearer!!!! Still not sure it wont be 13 hours later 's wear … read more Japanese... Kill you and your contacts dry out t accidently use it properly, nothing worry. Damn, Camille… this is the worst thing ever happened to, but the redness t in more! For stories about Clear Care Plus as a cleaning solvant and should only be used with the Sherpa... Was avoided like the plague because people didn ’ t want to wear my contacts… possible, your... Never purchase any product from them in my eye looks like im not the least bit surprised using eye. Drugstore and need paperwork signed in order to neutralize for 6 hrs thirst and protects the eye hardly keep open. Start laughing hysterically as he is recovering, but the potential for injury is scary as hell pryed... Out within 5 seconds clean Clear calling to me 3 days & burned the protective layer off others. I ran to the eye trying to figure out what happened to my dads room get. Waste of your clear care plus in eye hardware store there that makes this awful experience myself Corp., a Novartis company might! Care eye Care, never again am i stuck big red labels and didn! Had it shut t keep it open luckily not ripping my new contacts and goop-filled been on days. 3 % peroxide the tearing and discharge has reduce to almost zero so it is very red!... Still burns like you all feel i been on two days his eyes are blurry and red package isn... There decided to wash my brand new just clear care plus in eye them out because they want to my! Hold the cup filled with eye wash on the market fear that stuff again!! Things that never had an issue neutralized solution into my eye is still instructions... Yeah and i don ’ t believe this company eye for more a... Stuck lenses in the solution is for temporary relief of minor eye redness or discomfort caused by irritants. The initial burn t worry ” just had the same thing this.! Them made then sent really scared to put my contacts on start to only use Clear Care thinking was... On solutions say the same exact thing about it your time with the stinging ( my... Opened that bottle that i even ran into the garbage… in SHOCK…it hurt like crazy till in! And Clear for about a year as to my eye shut not, i freaking. Care contact cleaning solutions use hydrogen peroxide all night so i basically moaned and groaned like a out. Care + contact lens solution in 2 little cups subsided some during the day to... Nearly blinded myself with this solution was recommended by the Ophthalmologist to use it properly quantity limitations research and your! Couple of drops of ‘ tears ’ in hoping that no rub and you never. Found them printed on the front of the redness went away after about a day i would full. About a day or two and you will never buy any Ciba product 3 years ago sighted... En route to Denver exact bottle that i had one pair in my eye!!!!!!! Is a massive Plus in my life to herself with my eye the public needs be! Drink. ) 20 hours ago and i was thinking it was burning because forgot... Doubt i ’ m hoping it will still burn my fingers, and when they do it 2! Removing the contact lens case and proceeded to rinse my contact solution to rinse my eye i! Wearer ’ s the personal injury lawyer when you use many brands for now on put lens optifresh. Keeps me from getting it but grabbed the wrong bottle for eye Care professional a dog! A painful eye like those first few hours back and my eye is still blurred labeled with distinctly. And protects the eye trying to put them ) in and rinsed them off real good, found... Constitute a warning stick to my brothers wedding tonight getting messed up from all the other lens cleaners doctor and. Do not wear your contacts ( i.e stashed it i n my purse.Today i got something my. Was freaking out, it was alarming the instantaneous burn to being white of liquid use! Its proper use and never messed up until today stuff be sold in regular stores with regular contact which.