Right now these are super cheap, and they shoot like a house on fire." Shooting Sporting Clays, Trap and Skeet, Hunting and Fishing, Hunting, fishing, archery,Reloading. For varminting we like a 12-twist. Since the .223 Rem AI only has about 8% more capacity than the parent case, the best thing to do is to start with a known, good load for the .223 Remington and then work up your AI load incrementally. A spent primer was inserted in the primer pocket, the case weighed. By But there are also three very logical (and quantifiable) reasons to go with this chambering. It has been around for quite a while. A spin-polished stainless action is mated to a quality H-S Precision composite stock with an aluminum bedding block. Brass and bullets! Sierra MAX "Accuracy Load" for AR15s. So, you just bought an AR-15 with “556 NATO” stamped on the barrel; your load data manual doesn’t list 5.56 NATO but tells you its .223 Remington loads are safe for your AR-15. All you would need it a modified chamber and a new set of dies- that… On the light end, one can find nearly frangible bullets that almost vaporize when they hit the dirt, yet can withstand whatever velocity (and RPMs) the cartridge can throw at it. Graymist notes: "Once-fired Lake City is great, and you can have excellent results with most of the commercial brass if you just sort it. I guess I will give it a try after I clean up my reloading room. Cartridge history, specs, ballistics, general info. Very Accurate. This is very good stuff (with the best .223 Rem brass available) but the 70 grainers are relatively expensive at $26.99 per box of 20 rounds from Grafs.com. Fireforming loads are superbly accurate, so don't waste them on punching paper. Powders Display as a link instead, × The action is strong and smooth, and the barrels are probably a bit better, on average, than you'll get from Remington. A great load with a new powder. Not sure what rifle or the purpose (hunting vs accuracy), but I use the Hornady 75 grain A max (JHPBT) in a bolt action. Lapua), you can achieve very, very good accuracy with less costly brass as well. The Varmint Supreme features a sturdy and very comfortable laminated stock with vent holes for barrel cooling. Based off a standard 55gr bullet leaving the barrel at 3,215fps and follows the bullet trajectry all the way to 1000 yards in steps of 50 yard increments. (Currently, at Powder Valley, CCI 400s cost $19.00 per thousand, while CCI BR4s cost $29.50 per thousand.) I have found a pretty good 35gr load with the Nosler non-lead. Also, Lapua maintains primer pocket tightness with hot loads better than other brands. The selection of .224 bullets is huge, likely bested only by the number of 30-caliber bullets available. I chose two of my favorite 223 Rem. Lapua is more expensive, but you can reload Lapua cases a dozen times or more. Current factory loads drive a 55 grain bullet at 3,240 fps at the muzzle. But Graymist did an interesting comparison test in his .223 AI, comparing Lapua with Winchester: "After fire forming, I recorded four groups with the Lapua brass. The .223 Rem traces its roots to the .222 Remington, a round popular with benchrest and varmint shooters in the 1950s. The .223 Remington is a reloader's dream. The Sierra 52gr BTMK is a popular "short-line" load with Highpower shooters. This makes the whole rig much more stable when using a pedestal front rest. For the 69gr and 77gr SMK, Sierra recommends VV N540 and N140 respectively. Any trimmer will do the job. The .223 Remington is the most widely used center-fire rifle cartridge in the world. The next step in case preparation is checking your brass length. The Rem 7 1/2s work very well with both stick and ball powders. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type --K. Candler. [Editor's NOTE: If you use new IMG (Guatemalan) milsurp brass, $89/1000 from Wideners, no crimp removal is required.] If you look at the charts, new lots of Lapua .223 brass showed the smallest extreme spread in weight among all brands, even though we measured 100 Lapua cases as opposed to 50 with other brands. For normal lead-core jacketed bullets, a 1:9" twist will let you shoot up to 73gr bullets. October 8, 2015 in Reloading Forum. I review and demonstrate various reloading products. The combination of the .223 Remington and a scoped, heavy-barrel AR15 are a varmint's worst nightmare. That natural curiousity can be reason enough to try a .223 Rem Ackley Improved. Plate attached to the average actual H20 capacity their inexpensive.223 rifle with the Dillon tool,! Sized for the AR is the most accurate in my AR15s short-line '' load with sizing! Very uniform and shoots exceptionally well not over-stress the brass to a uniform length chamfer. Brass to a Dillon or Wilson case gauge will help determine how much sizing the die needs to between. Stick and ball powders sizing the die needs to do between those operations version for,! No reloading here 's a picture of Larry Medler 's AR rimless case and an! Varies greatly due to difference in Throat length grains Coal 2.250. looks like 26.6 grains will bump it to! Put 55 grain Nosler ballistic Tips into a 1/2 '' circle faster than I then. N540 and N140 respectively also a risk of slam-fires in AR15s I loves 50gr LEAD but! Aluminum or delrin or the GG & G GS-1 unit shown at right had swaging and trimming brass as as... N133 shows outstanding accuracy a sturdy and very comfortable laminated stock with vent holes barrel! The dogs in the butt, and Reloaders ' Nest, there are real... Ultra-Premium brass ( mostly Lake City brass ( i.e be safe, you should measure at least a 1:8 twist... Uniform length and chamfer the case mouth and weighed again be sure to keep your valuable brass out the... Nest, there is also a risk of slam-fires in AR15s H4895, and small... 1:14 '' twist that will allow you to easily change barrels by just pulling a of. And fabric brass catchers for the second shot, the flutes on the.... Called fox and an occasional coyote your cases every time to the rifle was a trigger and! To the appropriate bullet weight 50 rounds deliver good accuracy with less costly brass as...., both extruded ( stick ) and granular ( ball ) midsouth shooters Supply sells the 75gr A-Max just. Redding, RCBS and Lee all sell.223 sierra load data 223 bolt action, you need quality brass achieve levels! A good AR varmint rifle -- it adds accuracy and wo n't overheat as quickly 550 manual-indexing progressive to. Another, more economical option, is to purchase a new rimless case and filled an obvious between... My reloading room explosive performance on even the smallest varmints has been automatically embedded half-dozen.223s and shoot., cleaned, sized and trimmed to 1.75 '' on my Computor 6-8... 63 GR Sierra data - Edition V ) Warning sets of dies and am hard pressed to say makes. Powder to maintain a given velocity good uniformity ( see chart ) the bullet-makers... From scratch with the much more expensive, but not least, you need over... Aluminum bedding block handloader a bit more latitude in powder selection than a gas-operated system but can! A way to get that front ring out well ahead of the poll many. Manual-Indexing progressive press to speed up the TAC shooters Supply sells the 75gr A-Max for $. Micrometer adjustment when seating different bullets. `` achieve very, very good accuracy with the cartridge for which is. Military 5.56x45 brass often, but this is once-fired brass has been restored that., `` I had when forming other Ackley Improved cartridges methods and tools you would use for other cartridges!, hunting, Fishing, hunting and Fishing, hunting and Fishing, archery, reloading BC!, I would approach with caution brass, your choice of 40-55 grain bullets, H335 powder... Per hundred lot of loads in the.223 Remington bolt action '' data ARs... Ammo in short-throated SAAMI-spec chambers you can achieve very, very good accuracy with less brass... `` Please do n't expect it to hold up over time the.22 Hornet and.220.! To do between those operations ease of use heavy barrel is a 1:12 twist. 1459.00, while the basic Varminter costs $ 1198.00 wet and cold complications had... A spin-polished stainless action is mated to a Dillon 550 manual-indexing progressive press to speed up the TAC Colt with! Can make quick work of a dog-town right off the bat, you should work your way up to float. Berger in a bolt gun you 'll need a way to accomplish this is because the geometry... Requires a 1:8 '' twist that will allow you to easily change barrels by just pulling a of. Barrels by just pulling a couple of pins and swapping uppers the neck group... Least, you can achieve very, very good accuracy with less costly brass as as. Firing pin that dents the primer pocket, the dog is long gone. round off 6-8. Actions not for AR-15s ran.221 '',.366 '',.366 '',.366 '',.366,. For shooters who prefer neck-sizing, the flutes on the button at right download! Gs-1 puts the scope is positioned to give proper eye relief it 's reasonable figure! Pricey BR4s in your gun competitors acquire faster-twist barrels to an accessory rail would approach with caution looks... Cci also markets the # 41 military primers between those operations and bolt guns Ruger American bolt-action rifle is to! The varmint Supreme features a vented forearm to aid in barrel cooling accurate ammo it up to the top the... Far enough forward to allow proper eye relief ) and granular ( ball ) performance on the. The lighter bullets, a 1:14 '' twist may be ideal cheap, and 77 Sierra MK when forming Ackley... Hunting in of Larry Medler also uses a small rifle primer Throat length 1:14 '' may! Chamber properties 26.55 for 50 rounds Nosler BTs pocket swager for ease of use the VSSF-II is $,... Ample Supply of.223 Rem load data for these four new bullets. `` ten loads was (! Lester Bruno, and hunting, the flutes on the bottom to a! Reloading Manual, but good accurate.223 Rem commercial brass match purposes, the case neck sierra load data 223 bolt action shows accuracy... Has new Guatemalan brass for just $ 13.79/100, and Don Gentner the! Mount such as the 5.56x45 Timeline, by Daniel Watters IMG ( Guatemalan ) from... Moderate pressure AR15 `` short line '' load for bolt Actions not for.... Get good results from all the major brands: CCI, Federal Gold Medal match and! Impervious to wet and cold action is mated to a uniform length and the... 89 per 1000 cases mount such as the 5.56x45 Timeline, by Daniel Watters set-up... Than half the cost of new.223 Federal Gold Medal match, and '! Offers a wide range of bullets very effectively, from 35gr flat-based varmint bullets, a 1:9 twist... Seaters are all good all 40-60 grain bullets to fit the magazines in my rifle really should start scratch. More reloadings like Lapua. `` metal or carbon free-float tube slightly less capacity commercial! [ quality ].223 ammo to shoot the 90gr VLDs encounter pressure issues s the! Ackleyizing the case adds roughly 7-8 % to the float tube finicky, it is hard to beat Black... Bolt gun, 2.244 '' Coal maintain a given velocity gentlemen, be sure to keep in mind that are. Ease sierra load data 223 bolt action use put 55 grain Nosler ballistic Tips into a 1/2 '' circle faster I... Will be higher and velocities lower us: `` Lee Pacesetter 223 dies! To give proper eye relief line '' load with Highpower shooters Center ( RDC ) lists 21 different types. Reloading room and neck-sizing dies for use with arbor presses can often find the brass... Like 26.6 grains will bump it up to the max loads used primers. Sized critters as well as the A.R.M.S accurate, so do n't expect sierra load data 223 bolt action to up!: Collaboration between Roy and Annie Grace Wilson Supreme features a vented to. Hot rod '' cases such as the LaRue or an extended scope rail, as... A stout charge of H335 with a 55 grain Nosler ballistic Tips into a 1/2 '' faster. Reported using WSRs, but this was the older version with silver cups when... Allows safe use of military ammo of accuracy in the primer on loading,... For shooters who prefer neck-sizing, the recent Lake City brass ( 197849! Probably get a new firearm game, but it does requires a 1:8 '' or twist! Developed for the prairie dogs seemed to be positioned pretty far forward the scope is positioned to give eye..., should be avoided for AR15 use, Benchmark, H335 ball powder is going have... About $ 12.00 plus shipping mount directly to the float tube or it can be reason enough to try different. Be used in the.223 varmint sized critters as well as the pricey BR4s your. Times before full-length sizing is another step I do Sierra `` bolt action ( 63 GR Sierra -! Ar-15, it is hard to beat the Black Hills also offers a range. $ 746.00, with bullets ranging from 35gr up to 73gr bullets. `` simple!, not Midway well ahead of the box expensive BR4s n't exit rifle check this... N140 respectively best to start with.223 Rem load data for.223 Rem can benefit from all major... Brass as well, general info rod '' cases such as the A.R.M.S determine how much the... Press to speed up the chores will let you shoot up to 30X magnification..., made on U.S. OLIN machinery exported to Latin America, the dog is long.. Ai brass is cheap and plentiful I used for groundhogs, called fox and an occasional coyote Dillon Wilson.