Jones Family Mysteries-1 Wilson County, Tennessee managed by Julie Anderson. Henry became famous for his exploits in the Revolutionary War as a cavalry officer, which earned him the name "Light-Horse Harry." There are 212 names in our family site. Richard sailed for Virginia in late 1639 or early 1640. Lee retired quietly to land on Virginia's Northern Neck, which was then a four-day journey from Jamestown. Genealogical table of the Lee family : from the first emigration to America in 1641, brought down to the year 1851. A LEE makes up 234.94 of every 100k people in the population.. Other US Census data for LEE Lee. John Howell 7/03/14. Genealogy charts for Robert E. Lee may include up to 30 generations of ancestors with source citations. Lee Family. 1613-1664) crossed the Atlantic to explore Virginia. Lee genealogy presents researchers with immense challenges, including many different spellings (among them Lee, Lea, Leagh, Lees, Leese, Leigh, Leighe, Legh, and Li), and several different ethnic and cultural origins, including English, Romany, and Gaelic, as well as Chinese. They had six sons: Philip Ludwell, Thomas Ludwell, Richard Henry, Arthur, Francis Lightfoot, and William, all of whom would become prominent players in the American Revolution. He did not attend university in England, and his inherited lands were of lesser size and value (both defects of course hurt his marriage prospects). The Jamestown colony was scarcely thirty years old when Richard Lee (ca. At his death in 1664, which took place at his home on Dividing Creek (near present-day Kilmarnock, Virginia), Richard Lee owned 13,000 acres of land, more than anyone else in the colony. In 1640, he acquired land at Tindal's Point in present-day Gloucester County, on the north side of the York River directly across from where Yorktown was later established. Cancel any time, no strings attached. Despite his activities in England, William championed American independence and was also appointed to diplomatic posts. Birth, Death and Marriage Records for the Lee Family History . In 1891 there were 8,536 Lee families living in Yorkshire. At the Restoration, Governor Berkeley resumed power in Virginia. My Genealogy Hound. His interest in the frontier led to his becoming the guiding spirit and first president of the Ohio Company. As Secretary of State, Lee was the most valuable assistant to the colony's royal governor, Sir William Berkeley (whose estate Green Spring was later inherited by one of Lee's descendants), and the most powerful man in the colony after Berkeley. Original Lewis Family items on When it comes families and genealogy research, it's important to remember that different people may have different information: some may even have inherited one-of-a-kind family documents or photos, and the best way to connect with these family members is by posting a message board query -- often in the process of collaboration, you can build a more complete picture of your ancestor or ancestral family. To understand the reasoning behind the controversy of the William Lee line stems from Mary Lee … Thomas Ludwell Lee signed the Westmoreland Resolutions, an early Patriot Association, and was one of the radicals who called for Virginia to declare independence from the crown. This was about 16% of all the recorded Lee's in the UK. Lee's land was well-suited to planting tobacco, and he soon added to his land holdings. (During the Tang dynasty, Lee was the royal surname.) Provo, UT: Operations Inc, 2005. In 1653, he resettled on Poropotank Creek, establishing a trading post and tobacco warehouse. The article "The Art of Posting Queries" provides some valuable tips for posting successful Lee queries. How do I search for Wiki surnames based in a particular country eg Scotland 6 Nov 2019. Lee also owned a large estate outside of London, at Stratford-Langton. Lee's eulogy called Washington "First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Hearts of His Countrymen.". Thomas was the fourth son of Richard the younger (or the fifth if you count the eldest, John, who died in infancy). (We are no longer accepting family pictures) COUNTY INFORMATION The present Lee County boundary and the designation of its county seat as Dixon was set on Feb. 27, 1839. Charles, the youngest of all the children, inherited the part of his father's Dividing Creek lands that came to be known as Cobbs Hall, the name also given to Charles's line of descendants. He called this estate "Paradise.". In 1840 there were 564 Lee families living in New York. My grandfather Emmett Lee … The Lee Family has a little mystery about it. He authored a eulogy for George Washington that John Marshall delivered on the floor of the U.S. Congress. Do you have a rare item that you would like to donate or share with us? LEE GENEALOGY | home. The Lee Family Digital Archive is the largest online source for primary source materials concerning the Lee family of Virginia. LEE GENEALOGY. Richard, the second born and his father's namesake, also attended Oxford. Bacon captured Richard, hauled him a hundred miles away, and held him for seven weeks. John Lee, the physician, although he died before marrying at age twenty-eight, managed to build a mansion on the Potomac River, Mount Pleasant, and to serve as high sheriff and burgess from Westmoreland County. He cultivated his fields in their midst and traded furs and skins with them directly. To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain perpetually a child. If you would like to submit data for this site, please Email Us with your submissions. Ernst family of St. Louis Missouri, 1860's to 1940's 2 Feb 2020. 1816. Stratford Virginia, 22558, Contact Us: Our family tree is posted online on this site! It is the arms of the Lee family of Virginia, and has been … Thomas served as the colony's acting governor. But unlike Washington, General Lee's efforts would meet with a very different end. FORUM ARTICLES SEARCH. Among his descendants were a surveyor for the Ohio Company and the founder of Leestown on the Kentucky River and the mother of President Zachary Taylor. William Lee, intelligent and self-educated and ensconced in the tobacco trade in England, served as one of the two sheriffs of London in 1773 and 1774. Other surnames mentioned within a biography are not included in these lists of surnames. Richard the second, said family biographer Burton Hendrick, was "a man thoughtful, serious, quiet, devoted to the domestic virtues, deeply loyal in his political convictions, prepared, at times, to sacrifice personal fortune for things in which believed." There are 693023 LEE records listed in the 2010 US Census, and it is the Number 21 ranked name. TRENCHES ON THE WEB. As did his father, however, Richard served on the Governor's Council as a burgess, a naval officer, receiver of duties on the Potomac River, and colonel of the Westmoreland militia (his father had been a militia colonel as well). Yet the father of the Stratford Lees was intelligent and ambitious, and he exploited his family's political and business connections to great effect. Henry Leigh #547, born 1597 in England. After the third Anglo-Powhatan War, fought in 1644, Lee moved to the south side of the York, where he remained for nearly a decade. Generation One . By then, however, Richard had grown tired of politics. He was probably the richest man in Virginia at his death. In that capacity, he dealt with French "intruders" on the Ohio frontier, which he did by creating alliances with the chiefs of the Six Nations. Home > Forum > Surnames > Lee. At the village, an important road (or street) crossed the River Lea by a ford. Famous Lees include the American General Robert E. Lee, the American author Harper Lee, the Chinese-American marital artist and actor Bruce Lee, and the film director Spike Lee. The first four were later sent to England for additional schooling. Harry Lee's son Robert would also wage war on behalf of a rebel government. (2) He married Maran Atkins #549.. Children by Wife Unknown: Lee DNA Project Page - Lee Family From Virginia Colony and English Ancestry USA, Virginia Colony, and England 1 memories, 1 comments, managed by Carole Partridge. Plus genealogy charts showing General Lee's family relationships to many famous kin. Lee Family Genealogy collects, documents, keeps records of the Hmong Lee Family Tree in Lao Language Bibiography 1970 and keep record the asector from all known ancestors who migrated from China to Indochina in the late 1800s. He got his start working in his father's office as receiver of shipping duties. Hodgetts Family. Lee Family biographer Burton J. Hendrick observed in 1935, "From the landing of the first Lee in 1640 to the rise of the Confederacy in 1861, there were few crises that did not find Lees in the foremost ranks.". The eldest surviving son, Richard, left Virginia for London, where he entered his uncle's tobacco merchant firm. He also entered the shipping business, becoming part owner of at least two ships, the Susan and the Elizabeth and Mary. He was also the father of Robert Edward Lee, who was born in 1807 at Stratford Hall.