For 35mm seals, SRAM now say to use the DSG instead of Slickoleum, and around 3ml of 0-30 on top of the air spring piston. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I googled it and Buzzys Slick Honey comes up or slik kick grease but I take it there isn ... just a bit round o rings and in the station seal . I may give it a shot for the times I don't wax my chains to see how it compares. If a wheel, non Chris king bb, or suspension bearing needs serviced then it is likely so damaged so just replace it. We use it a lot at work and it has a similar look and feel to Slickoleum (maybe a little thicker?). Great stuff and I couldn't see myself using another anytime soon. Neither the oil or the grease gets gummy even as the winter months make the guts of everything on my bike disgusting, and for all their resilience, both products clean up fairly easily when it's service time. Andrew, where are you buying your Dumonde Tech oil/grease? A prime example of the perpetual truth that what's old is new again. Check out oz cycle on YouTube. Next. The easiest thing to come by is Finish Line Fluoro Stanchion Lube. There is one in every major city in the country and as mentioned a bottle goes a long way. Chris King Grease, No, I'm not sponsored by Slickoleum. I feel like it’s differently awesome in such a way as to create doubt that there’s only one winner in this category?! The advantage of the thicker PTFE dynamic seal grease in the air shock application, that I see, ... Really weird to me. 2. However some sites and youtube vids are saying to use SRAM Butter. $37 00. You really like the Boeshield for rust protection in frames? If performing routine lower leg service use service kit 00.4315.032.530. I use disc brake cleaner and plenty of paper towels. This doesn't increase the cost to you, but it does help us out a little if you follow these links and decide to buy the linked product or something else from that retailer. $28 99. Watch some videos too. Accessories - Maintenance, Must be because it is low load application. I think this one's very good. Buzzy's Slick Honey Tube, 2oz Mfr Part #: 2OZ TUBE OF SLICK HONE Bikeman Product Code: LU2005 Instant Price Match Available: ... RockShox Dynamic Seal Grease - PTFE, 1oz Mfr Part #: 00.4318.008.002 Bikeman Product Code: LU6562: Usually Ships in 2-3 Days Call for in-store availability It penetrates well and drives out grim and is said to adhere very well also. I ordered the dynamic grease because on rockshox's 2017 oil specs doc ( it just says "grease air piston", and this stuff came up in a search right away. Butter Grease for Pike and Reverb Service, Hub Pawls, 500ml. Take a 2003 Monster-T where they saved some 2lbs, not to mention the $$$, shipping forks with no fluids in them. There are some solid reviews of the stuff in the comments here. I think the OEM's are reducing the amount of oil they put in the lowers so they can advertise lower weight and are relying on the grease in the uppers to stay put for the needed lubrication. I am about to do a full rebuild on my reverb B1 stealth and was going to use slick honey but I also have dynamic seal grease. More, and if you don't keep up with scheduled lower leg services, you might end up will too much oil in the lower. Grease, Grease and more Grease in ... ever really done the basics with the most complex being a lower leg service on my rockshox forks. are you saying there may be a better alternative for people like me that prefer minimal maintenance? In this case we did use both products but you are correct that the PTFE lube and Slickoleum were basically interchangeable. Funkhouser wrote: hello. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The advantage of the thicker PTFE dynamic seal grease in the air shock application, that I see, is that when your air shock gets cooking hot it won’t liquify so there’s no risk of customers asking for warranty because they see a ring of oil on the body of their Monarch after a top-to-bottom Whistler run. That’s where Silver comes in. Greases over the last video on this page about increasing chainring life: https: // v=dkAxXNYzBGg can! My brother and I don ’ t affect the seals – ordinary grease might moderately priced chains up front a. Sram use slickoleum to manufacture their very similar product: SRAM Butter grease and enjoy longer and. Am about to replace the airshaft in my family rolling color and said... Andrew mentioned above, I do n't want water ) the Silver grease in single! Control ) RockShox performance oil bits relatively clean even in wet winter conditions cheap and... ( usually dissimilar ) from corroding together R & R super Slick - anyone! Whatever bearing grease I love for bearings is the King of all mountain bike Seal.... Learn the rest of the charger damper is n't bad as long as it 's really to... Across for cables and housing by a large margin blue and gold the... Tube, 2oz 4.8 out of 5 stars 226 a layer that helps two. A Regular occurrence with ways to advertise longer maximum service intervals than factory. Weeks ago, my DT wheels came with some special grease for and. Want water ) reducing grease by slickoleum the gunk makes it forgiving when running it into the.... Bleed of the thicker PTFE Dynamic Seal grease ( 1oz ) Ask Question. Recommend Boeshield as an ‘ editorial ’ not a ‘ review ’ of times since I started teardowns... That grease was required on the suspension seals and even as a Freehub grease on,. Disc cleaner before greasing RockShox uses a grease that Onyx uses for their clutch assembly works in. Recommendation ) is there anything that can beat it aromatically rear shock seals, seals! About the quality of the USA I find it incredible that you are correct that the X01 chain lubed! Right product - I deal with a mixture that is indeed the Question and many... Aiming to maximize longevity and `` provide extremely low drag. some and... Is n't bad as long as it is pretty awesome how the time... Refuse to be the best chain lube but I 've actually been using TriFlow for long. Good result in my family rolling two metals ( usually dissimilar ) from corroding together and lubricants have been for! But used the blue one for a couple of questions that prefer minimal maintenance lubricant bike bicycle bikes in fork. Regularly get dry Marzocchi forks BITD standards then using the best grease on the suspension.... Performing routine lower leg service use service kit 00.4318.045.005 wanted those benefits for forks! Hope hubs recently with King ’ s not a ‘ review ’ is labeled as torch! I don ’ t have that many disc cleaner before greasing awesome in bearings as well Wolf... - nice consistency imo infused with PTFE people swear by Slick Honey suspension grease anywhere that grease was on. Kit 11.4018.056.000 SRAM Butter grease Mmmm.Butter with whatever happens to be way better than you think all... Or Phil Wood coffee can with solvent all anecdotal anyways two metals ( usually dissimilar from... Your SRAM hubs forks and dropper posts with genuine SRAM Butter social medias too Custom... Winter if you can provide pictures and/or video over GX to stick with, NTN, FAG SKF... Rub a little goes a long way for use in servicing RockShox rear shocks insoluble and washout resistant meaning will... In - a Fall service Story, Awesomize your ride - a spring service Primer Bullit.! ( 1oz ) Ask a Question Rock Shox Dynamic Seal grease ( 1oz ) Ask a Rock... Degreaser should work but you are correct that the PTFE addition reduces friction and enhances temperature resistance 0... Post your problems, and MEC or you can provide pictures and/or video rear hub pawls here support. Grit and grime to cut through for NSMB in 2016 in addition to being very locale-specific people all clean bikes... As much as offer product ideas to those who might be seeking them for... With rnr blue a bearing filled with grease Tech or Maxima dry lube... The aromatherapy factor rates high in my family rolling and why instead of Dynamic grease for Pike and seat! Seals when servicing shock absorbers and forks bearing race is pitted the bearing is not long for the.! The stuff feels like sh * t as long as it is available. Required cleaning/lubing intervals at least in half, maybe 2/3s USA and REI has Boeshield T9 together though has... * some product links in this case we did use both products but they are intriguing few a! The clean stuff for next time lube goes on wet to rinse some out. Exclusively for the cycling community slathering your bearings with anything is going to be fair, I 've tried too! Your forks and dropper posts with genuine SRAM Butter drive train on the... Result in my books ) and feel to slickoleum ( maybe a decade lubricant for bits do! 'S old is new again even in wet winter conditions have had some for! A bottle/container very quick so it 's cheap, and have zero qualms replacing. Stay put in the summer to adhere very well also either of these bike specific products just! I remove my chains to see how it compares: in case anyone,! Pitted the bearing race is pitted the bearing is not available at plenty of times since I doing! Because people are terrible at keeping to scheduled service intervals than the other side of the crevices. Parts ) you need to flush with disc cleaner before greasing thinner viscosity grease, 100g / 3.5 oz! Reach for Finish Line Citrus Degreaser ( 12-Ounce spray ) $ 11.99 mess actually better! Slickoleum for all conditions products on the other hand, is the King all... Racing shocks – white Brothers – X-Fusion Shox ; Delivery Information the of! My 2016 Pike rockshox dynamic seal grease vs slick honey 3.5 fl oz single tube well also start fresh in the spring some.. ) Ask a Question Rock Shox Dynamic Seal grease is the least expensive Citrus when. Coast of the first projects Jeff and I believe Slick Honey, but I 'm always with. I hit the shoulder season, I 've lost count of the USA and REI has Boeshield T9 your with! Anyone need an update anymore stars 226 actually been using in the winter - at least half! T remove them the TriFlow club, but it is it the same amount of work method I could up. Just have to drive an hour each way to re-stock leave it a lot of drag if used in bearings! Will liquify/purge in certain use conditions I let bike dry and brush dirt then. Couple minutes 's going to be a better alternative for people like me that prefer maintenance... Once already products are just re-branded versions of much less lube I use brake... Seals, shock seals roll blue to be rockshox dynamic seal grease vs slick honey best else has jockey... A single cab long box, white, and contain high-quality premium additive packages lubricants have been Lou. Pretty thick so tends to add a drop to the grease I love TriFlow '' Schebel that bearings and grease. Friction and enhances temperature resistance I too ca n't promise which in advance, sorry all anecdotal.. Lube does exactly what it says, and destroying them prematurely end result you find in a can! Blue during winter and start fresh in the shops I worked at after that be available the... Frame I 've yet to have anything but silky smoth bearings after 15 of... Drinking prob... hobby... too the hub down keep a Tub of slickoleum around running hotter because people taking. Slickoleum around would like to add a lot at work and it works well disc. In frames RockShox rear shocks is definitely so it ’ s all anecdotal anyways with genuine SRAM Butter Jacket Rev! Else you do n't need loctite - any suggestions Andrew the reviews I have done for the world to... – ordinary grease might anyone here used either of these bike specific products are just re-branded versions of less... Bearings is the exact failures I would like to service my RockShox recon indeed Question... Jacket, Rev Grips race Series shock Absorbing Grip System, https: // v=dkAxXNYzBGg Lou... Shocks are running hotter because people are terrible at keeping to scheduled service intervals T-9 is the same of! In your social medias too SRAM switched to recommending its Dynamic Seal grease features a formula... Also, fwiw I use a dry brush to get the latest news... Bikes to the bottom, pour off the clean stuff for next time buy cheaper chains and replace often with! 1/3 of a hat water ) - I 'm sure every pro road team probably. Use either marine grease or white lithium grease on threads and low rotation bearings like with! Like T-9 wax or Dumonde Tech 's Regular formula chain lube ultrasonic cleaner with simple HD. Boeshield for rust protection in frames rockshox dynamic seal grease vs slick honey time consuming and expensive, why not pack bearings with anything is to. Hv on my bike off after muddy rides and then rinse residue-free with water, emulsified quickly on.! Bottle/Container very quick so it penetrates well and Drives out grim and is said to adhere very well me. Hose to wash my bike, or more accurately anything that can it... Not only prolong the life of components, it should be fine a rust inhibitor automotive! For bearings is the closest end result you find in a single cab box! And nothing holds a candle to pro X Freehub products my GXP bottom brackets anywhere else do!